The Metamodel

A universal framework for personal resilience and human connection distilled from more than 100 frameworks and value systems.

In this 7-minute video, Andy Swindler tells the story of The Metamodel and how to apply it in your life.

An overview of The Metamodel and its four movements.

The Metamodel Research

(Link to Google Spreadsheet)

See how The Metamodel aligns 100+ frameworks spanning philosophy, conscious business, leadership, mindfulness, psychology, organizational behavior, personal development, literature, improv, religion and more.

Movement 1: Learn to Learn

Compassionate Curiosity

Movement 2: Learn to Love

Absolute Appreciation

(coming soon)

Movement 3: Learn to Laugh

Limitless Liberation

(coming soon)

Movement 4: Learn to Lead

Courageous Choices

(coming soon)

Integral Love is an expansion of Metamodel Movement 2: Learn to Love. Learn more.

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The strength of this project depends on the number of perspectives it represents.