"A genius is the one most like himself.”
—Thelonious Monk

Tipping Point for Organizational Purpose

By Andy Swindler | Mar 2, 2018

My formal relationship with purpose began in the business world through Conscious Capitalism, since ‘Higher Purpose’ is one of the four pillars that defines a Conscious Business in that community. I’m deeply involved with the thriving Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and I’ve also researched business purpose by interviewing more than 175 leaders from different…

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Perfecting Life

By Andy Swindler | Feb 14, 2018

This discussion about ego and soul is at least one step away from where we want to be. They want to be unified, integral. Just as we’re meant to be. This, it seems, is the journey of this life. To bind them together so purely that they forget how to be apart. The soul is…

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Metamodel Movement 1: Learn to Learn

By Andy Swindler | Jan 30, 2018

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We begin with Metamodel Movement 1: Learn to Learn, which embodies compassionate curiosity. First you Learn to Learn about yourself, then Learn to Learn about the world. In this post, I’ll explain my vision for Movement 1: Learn to Learn. The remaining three…

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Why I Became a True Purpose® Coach

By Andy Swindler | Jan 26, 2018

My life has changed a lot in the past year. I went from feeling lost after selling my digital agency to launching my purpose coaching practice, Lead From Love, after completing purpose coach training with the True Purpose® Institute. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Purpose Guide Brandon Peele about what it means…

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Metamodel Introduction

By Andy Swindler | Jan 23, 2018

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. First, I’d like to offer special appreciation to the following people for their insights into the evolution of the LeadFromLove.io Metamodel over the past several months: Marian Baker, Ayelet Baron, Heather Carper, Elsie Chang, Chad Gabriel, Cindy Holtfreter, John Howe, Betsy Jones, Lori Lovens, Tim McDonald, Brandon Peele, Riesah Prock, Laurie Swindler, Jim Swindler, Guryan Tighe If…

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Sarah Silverman Leads From Love

By Andy Swindler | Jan 17, 2018

Sarah Silverman is known for a brash comedic style that leaves a memorable impression long after the laughs subside. Recently she broke the Internet with her response to someone on Twitter calling her the “c” word. Sarah could have reacted in any number of ways, and she chose love.  (Facebook.com/SarahSilverman) At the heart of Lead…

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I Have a Dream

By Andy Swindler | Jan 15, 2018

I have a dream that one day we will stop focusing our attention on a convenient figurehead as yet another way to avoid addressing the real tragedy of race in our country. Literally and figuratively, President Donald Trump represents America today. Read that again. How does it feel? Does it make you angry at me?…

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Hello, World!

By Andy Swindler | Jan 9, 2018

Hi. Thanks for visiting and welcome to my new blog, where I will use my true voice to explore my deepest beliefs. I believe it’s time for me to say what I believe more often, to know and own my truth. I spent 2017 getting in touch with my true purpose and recalibrating my life…

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